What is Amazon Brand Store?
Amazon Brand Store lets vendors and seller create their own branded online store on Amazon and showcase their products to achieve better results.
It provides sophisticated customized experience for buyers because of its brand-centric outlook.
A stronger brand appearance provides better visibility, resulting in sense of credibility and assurance to the consumer in competitive market. 
Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Store
  It helps you organize all your products at one place categorically, which offers better user-seller interface.
  You’ll also start receiving healthy sales as customers would now be able to buy all their needs at one place.
  People will find you as a genuine brand rather than some reseller by showcasing your products on Amazon Brand Store hence enhancing your credibility.
  Brand Store, besides bringing potential traffic to your website, also works organically to increase your ranking on Amazon.
 One in prime benefit is the opportunity to market your products to new and pre-existing customers without even worrying about their choices, taste or mood.
  You can also promote your Brand Store on social media and let your followers know about the categories of your products ans services.
Prerequisites before registering on Amazon.
  You should use brand’s registered trademark on all your products.
  You have to provide valid proof that you are the right owner of your trademark.
  You should have an active Amazon account.
  The active registered trademark for your brand must appear on your products or packaging. 
  Your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you wish to enroll. 
Optimize Your Store Homepage

  Log in to your Seller account and locate the ‘Stores’ option from ‘Manage Stores’ option in the Menu.

  This will redirect you to the store page creation process.

  Once you have selected the eligible brands, select your homepage layout.

  Pick the most suitable template for your products’ better outlook.

Create Categories

  Create pages based on best-selling items, different categories and for discounts along with others.

  Keep the flow simple and steady to smoothly navigate your customers to your website.

Add Content Tiles

  You now need to place the content tiles on each page of your website.

  There are various types of content tiles to add including the Header, Text, Gallery, Image, Product, Video and few others.

Add Your Products

  After adding your tiles add your products to the pages you have created.

  You can easily add products by selecting the right Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for each of your products.

  Finally, add all the products you wish to display on your Brand Store and you’re good to go. 

Wrapping it Up
As you might have comprehended by now that creating an Amazon Brand Store will have serious value growth to your business and you’ll find better customer satisfaction and lead conversion rate.
It’s free, user-friendly and will surely increase your credibility and visibility making you a recognized brand on Amazon.
While brand store creation indeed takes some time and efforts but the results have proved its worth.
If you want some great revenue generation it’s highly recommended and trending to start your own Amazon Brand Store.
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