Amazon Enhanced Brand Content 


Amazon EBC called enhance brand content handle by the third-party sellers who own and trademark or brand and best way to elaborate your product descriptions beyond the standard listing to boost the conversion rates. There is no cost to use Amazon EBC; it’s free from the Amazon side.  Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a great way to showcase your brand provided by Amazon to promote your product.  Amazon EBC is cost-free by the Amazon side for the third party seller and allows you to describe your product with rich content and images which more likely to attract buyers instantly.

1.EBC contains perfect content with a clarified image. This content, when paired with the best quality image, gives focus and clarity to your product.
2.Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is as same as A+ content on vendor central page. It is used when you take services from the third party to do your EBC.
3.Amazon Basic EBC content with five standard modules is free.
4.EBC can be only created by the Brand Owners or Professional Owners (who are approved as Brand Owners via the ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program.


How to Create Amazon EBC Content

first step is going to the seller central page on the web.

In the first term, you need to go the seller central home page and create your account if you have an already account then go ahead with our next terms

Log in to Seller Central and hover over the “Advertising” Menu then select “A+Content Manager”:

Log on to seller central with the right credentials and go to the advertising then select the A+ content manager where you will found the A+ page.

Next Click on the Start Creating A+ Content

Click on the right side appear blue ICON written on ‘’ Start Creating A+ Content’’  and start your EBC.

Here you can see easily about A+ content modules- Put your content and images according to the modules you choose.

Submit ASIN

Next is to or after accomplishing your EBC, now click on the Submit it on asin and apply the particular asin on which you want to appear this EBC.

Submit EBC for Approval

Now at the end submit your content for approval.

How Much Time Amazon Take to Publish your EBC 

On behalf of Amazon, we can say that your EBC page will be published within 7-15 days.

Benefits of EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)


  1. Amazon says that basic A+ or EBC can increase your sales or ROI by up to 3% to 10%.
  2. Enhanced your brand, description content.
  3. It can reduce product returns and even negative reviews!
  4. Show high-quality images bring attractive imagination in the buyer’s mind.
  5. Boost conversion rates.
  6. Sends a brand value and assurance
  7. To enhance storytelling and product marketing.
  8. Better and huge information for the buyers about your product can attract them to purchase your product.
  9. Instant attract a new buyer.
  10. Deliver the best experience to a shopper who loves online buying.
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