Navus IT Services provides amazon boost services to their clients that help to increase sales via Account health management, listing, promotion etc. Navus IT Services plays a role as a third party service provides to amazon sellers with an aim to simplify online selling. As a seller, you can use this service to manage key Seller Central operations through a service provider. Navus IT Services Helping you to manage inventory price & quantity refresh, new product listing, order confirmations, FBA shipment creations, shipment label generation. We helping you configure inbuilt promotions along with lightning deals. We helping you increase sales through sponsored products, help with FBA account creation & new category expansion.
Benefits of Amazon Boost Service


Amazon places high importance on maintaining the trust of our millions of satisfied buyers. Sellers with higher feedback, ratings and performance parameters enable buyer trust and hence more business. Use these services to get assistance to manage your account health by effectively handling your buyer-seller messages, A2Z claims, negative feedback, returns and refunds. Improved customer satisfaction result in favorable ratings and reviews.


Use these services to get assistance for your day to day tasks such as price and quantity updates, shipping settings, order confirmation, label creation and updating tracking numbers..


Use this service to create rich catalogs of 50 SKU that make your products stand out and be easily discover able on Amazon. Creating product titles, descriptions and other mandatory attributes as per Amazon requirement. Formatting your existing data in Amazon flat file format. Adding keywords to your listing to help customers find your products on Amazon.


When shopping online, customers look at the whole range of promotional offerings – rupees/percentage off the price and free shipping. Use these services to manage your automatic or manual targeting campaign to targeted right audience buyers through specific paid tools keywords and with controlling ACOS.


Use these services to get assistance to understand reasons for suspension, identifying corrective measures and in drafting an effective plan of action for reinstatement.


When shopping online, customers look at the whole range of promotional offerings – rupees/percentage off the price and free shipping. Also the deals page on highlight some of the best deals for our customers under the Lightning Deals section. Use these services to showcase your products through attractive promotions and deals to millions of customers on Amazon. Service providers help you customise and manage these promotions for your products.


Use these services to compare your product prices across competition and multiple marketplaces. Matching lowest or buy box prices ensure you do not lose out on price conscious customers.


Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks on Amazon and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. Your enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry provides access to powerful tools including proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings with your brand name.


We are required to obtain approval from Amazon before listing in certain product categories. We must list products in the appropriate product categories. The Everything Else category is available to all sellers primarily for collectibles, such as stamps, and other products that do not clearly belong in other categories.


To claim copyright infringement, We respond quickly to concerns of rights owners about any alleged infringement. If your Competitor copy your listing and cataloging so, we will analysis that particular ASIN who is operate your listing in that case we will raise a complaint to the Amazon regarding that SKU.
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