Cyber Attacks and Cyber Security

Data communication –transmission of data between two separate entities through an electromagnetic medium – emerged before the birth of computer itself. In the late 19th century Telegraph was the first fully-functioning digital communication system.

Then with limited exceptions, the earliest computers were connected between the users using terminals laid typically in the same building or place.

Later, Wide Area Network (WAN) emerged during the 1950s and in following years Internet became an integral part of our lives and also changed it drastically.

How much Internet do you actually see?

In 1969, Internet was first booted up with just four computers. Today, the estimation is that more than five million terabytes of Data forms the total Internet and out of this five million, only 200 get indexed by web search.

That means only 0.004% of the total Internet is what we see and is accessible on 4.5 billion indexed websites.
What about the rest of 99.996%?

This enormous part of Internet is called the Deep Web. The deep web mostly consists of simple, regular but privately owned places on Internet like emails; social media profile history, subscription site gateways and other personal data storage sites like the cloud, Google docs and application data etc.

The deep web is often misinterpreted with Dark Web. The Dark web is the deepest part of the deep web and consists mostly of heavily encrypted sites which are extremely hard to access. They can only be accessed with the likes of TOR which makes all conduct and interactions untraceable and anonymous and hence is used for the most malefic trades and business and all the illegal and terrorist activities as we can fathom. According to the thousands of global surveys, this is the inception place of all the cyber-attack happens worldwide. 

What is Cyber Security?

In today’s world of extreme dependency on the Internet, everyday facts of life are constantly being integrated digitally with every passing second. And at the same rate cyber-attack and data leak reports are emerging around the world. The hackers or the cyber criminals are using their knowledge and skills to exploit our privacy and data. Cyber security which is the state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices and programs from any type of cyber-attacks is done by ethical hacker or security researcher who protects the society against these attacks.

Facts associated with Cyber Attacks!

  • According to a survey, 30,000 websites are being hacked daily.
  • With every passing second, 75 records get stolen globally.
  • Almost 64% of all the companies in the world have faced cyber-attack at least once.
  • It’s believed that 94% of all malware is spread through
  • In every 39 seconds, there’s a new attack somewhere on the web.
  • The most malicious email attachment extensions are (.zip) or (.jar).
  • It’s believed that more than $3 million gets invested every year to fix data breach.
  • China is one of the largest sources of all worldwide DoS attacks.
  • Mobile apps are believed to be the chariot of 80% of all mobile frauds happens globally.
  • In 2016, Uber reported a data breach involving records of 57 million global riders.
  • Friend finder’s website lost 412 million user accounts after an attack in 2016.
  • More than 24,000 malicious mobile apps get blocked daily on the Internet.

Biggest cyber-attacks in the history of Internet

  • In 1999, world’s first major computer virus, Melissa, made people realize that their data isn’t always safe. David L. Smith, a New Jersey programmer disguised his virus as a simple Microsoft word program and sent it to countless random recipients. Soon the virus got spread around and within no time a full 20 percent of the world’s computers were compromised and big companies like Intel and Microsoft were forced to temporarily shut down all its services.
  • Jonathan James is most reverberated name in the hacker’s hall of fame. In 1999, at the age of 15, penetrated US Department of Defence, intercepted thousands of classified emails and various military computers. Later, he went too far into stealing a piece of NASA’s one of the advanced software which was worth of $1.7 million.
  • In Feb 2000, 15 year old Michael Calce, a.k.a. Mafia boy, brought down Dell, eBay, CNN, Amazon and the biggest website at that time Yahoo! He used a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack to their websites.
  • The biggest military hack of all time was carried out by Gary McKinnon in 2002 when he hacked into US military and NASA and deleted critical files which forced US government to shutdown Military District of Washington network. He also posted a notice on military’s website – ‘Your security is crap’.
  • According to authorities in 2008, a 58-year-old Greek mathematician stole highly advanced weapon technologies from the Dassault Group which cost the company $360 million in damages. His true identity got never revealed but this hack goes by the name of ASTRA which is a Sanskrit word for ‘weapon’.
  • In 2011, 100 million customer records were stolen from Sony Play Station by various anonymous hackers which cost Sony a massive $171 million and great deal of bad publicity.
  • In 2012, LinkedIn user accounts and passwords were leaked by the same hacker who earlier hacked MySpace’s data. He was found to be offering the email addresses and passwords of around 165 million LinkedIn users in exchange of just 5 Bit-coins.
  • In 2018, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’s mobile phone was ‘hacked’ and was sent a WhatsApp message from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The message from the number used by Mohammed bin Salman is believed to possess a malicious file that infiltrated the phone of one of the world’s richest men.

Three Advanced Technologies in the field of cyber security

1. Quantum Computing

Today we use computers that store information on bits language which is 1 and 0. The researchers are believed to be just one step away from next generation’s dominion work force named as Quantum Computer. Quantum computing relies on qubits (quantum bits) instead of bits and hence can be superimposed, entangled or manipulated while storing data.

In 2019, Google AI announced that they had performed a quantum computation, in partnership with NASA, which is infeasible on any regular classical computer.

Later, 53 entangled qubits were used by researchers to solve a problem in just 200 seconds that would have taken 10,000 years on a classical supercomputer.

But the technology is believed to raise certain concerns for cyber security. According to experts, the encryption practices used these days would need a complete renovation and modification if quantum computers get surfaced. Besides that, there’re good chances that the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems that are currently used worldwide would get collapsed due to the risk by quantum computers.

But still it’s a matter of debate if the emergence of quantum computers will prove a breakthrough in the field of cyber security or it would lead us back to the cave age.

2. 5G Technology

5G technology is the most anticipated advancement which is believed to be equipped with lucrative benefits including high-bandwidth, low latencies, network slicing and high data speeds, and is now slowing spreading its legs around the world.

Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack, which works with an intentional overflow of web traffic on the targeted website, are expected to skyrocket once the 5G technology gets fully functioned due to its extremely high-speed can impact devices and IoT’s  cyber security.

3. Hardware authentication

Intel is moving in the direction with the new Authenticate solutions to combine a variety of hardware-enhanced factors to validate a user’s identity.

Intel has dedicated a portion of chipset to make a device part of authentication process. Good authentication requires 3 things of the user: what they know, such as a password; who they are, such as username; and what they have, such as a token.

Hardware authentication is crucial for the Internet of Things (IoTs) where networks works in the direction of ensuring that the one who is trying to gain access is the one who should have access. 

Final words

The world is changed; the first computer devices were the size of an enormous conference room now they’re smaller than a biscuit. There was a time when floppy disks were able to store all our data and today even a 1 TB of hard disk feels like a little shorter than required.

The Internet, as we know it, is an endless space of data and communication and is available at our fingertip but who would judge if it’s a genuine finger or a malicious one. As long as there’re those who have things to keep safe there’ll always be those who want to get their hands on them and as long as there are those who would stop them there would always be the need to advance and rise high.  

But the bottom line always remain same, there’s nothing more dangerous or powerful than a genius mind with a purpose. We all can just wish the mind is in the right direction.

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Case Study – Corona Virus and the World

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is highly transmittable disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 which belongs to the Coronaviridae family in the Nidovirales order.  

Corona represents crown-like spikes on the outer surface of the virus hence the name coronavirus. Coronaviruses contain a single-stranded RNA as its nucleic unit and its size ranges from 26 to 32kbs in length. The subgroups under coronaviruses family are alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ) and delta (δ) coronavirus. 

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was first isolated from three people with pneumonia cases initiated from the Hunan seafood market in Wuhan city of China and drastically infected almost 50 peoples. Hunan seafood market is popular for the selling of live and exotic animal species including bats, frogs, marmots, rabbits, birds and snakes.


History –

In 2002 the world witnessed a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak caused by SARS-CoV in Guangdong, China. Earlier it was believed that this virus could only infect animals. The virus was later confirmed as a member of the Beta-coronavirus subgroup and was hence coined as SARS-CoV.

Early stages of pneumonia symptoms with a diffused alveolar injury were seen which later lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). SARS was initially detected only in Guangdong, China but then it spread rapidly around the world with more than 8000 infected persons and 774 deaths. 

Just a decade later in 2012, a couple of Saudi Arabian nationals were diagnosed with pneumonia illness which later resulted in surfacing of another coronavirus of the same family known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). According to the initial reports published by World Health Organization, MERS-coronavirus infected more than 2428 individuals and caused 866 deaths. Similar to previously detected SARS-coronavirus in china, patients infected with MERS-coronavirus also showed signs of severe pneumonia, followed by ARDS.


Origin –

There are many myths associated with the origin of coronavirus and how it transmitted to humans. According to all the medical researches done on coronavirus, it is generally anticipated that it’s genetically related to coronaviruses isolated from bat populations. SARS outbreaks in 2003 and in December 2019 were also believed to be related to coronaviruses isolated from bats and then it jumped the species barrier or transmitted through farm or household animals to humans and then spread between humans. As the contact between humans and bats are rarely reported, it is believed that transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to humans happened through an intermediate animal species handled by humans or it actually did spread through bats when taken as a food source.

The initial cases in late December 2019 and early January 2020 came through Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market in Wuhan City, which is a hub for seafood, wild, and farmed animal species. Among the first cases reported, either they were stall owners, market employees or regular goers to the market. Environmental samples were later taken and tested with precise medical examination and they also tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 which further solidified the market in Wuhan City as the epicenter of this outbreak. It was also suggested that the market only played a crucial role in its outbreak but it was not the place of its initial inception as some of the few cases were neither directly nor indirectly related to the market.

Till date no confirmed report suggests that the origin of SARS-CoV-2 to be through bats as the genetic structure is 96% similar to SARS-coronavirus present in bats.


Timeline –

30 December 2019

Three patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology were reported in Wuhan. Real-time PCR later suggested that the virus is similar to Beta coronavirus.

4 January 2020

World Health Organization reported on social media about the surfacing of related pneumonia cases in Wuhan with no reported deaths.

January 25

Australia, Canada and United States confirm their first covid-19 case.

January 30

The first confirmed case of coronavirus in India was reported in the state of Kerala.

February 19

COVID-19 death toll surpasses 2,000 globally.

March 13, 2020

Total 121 countries with 142,095 cases and total of 5,327 deaths were officially reported.

March 26

A third of the world’s population was living under government restrictions due to Covid-19. 

April 25 

The World Health Organization reports that there is still no evidence that recovered patients are immune from the coronavirus. 

January 6, 2021

Confirmed coronavirus cases reaches 86,957,136 with 1,878,638 deaths in 218 countries and still counting. 


Relativity around the world

The world witnessed a global change within their homes and deep into their lives. The pandemic struck everywhere and everyone being unbiased to their country, race, sex, color, or culture. The people around world faced challenges and casualties and fought really hard and some actually survived. Medical treatments and government guidelines were working day and night but with minor successful results at the end. But the world saw a pause, a much needed one. Many lost their jobs and many switched to what they always wanted to do. Many took it as a financial opportunity to rise high and some enjoyed long awaited and priceless moments with their loved ones. But mostly everyone saw some hard times and some did recover from it and some went gently into that good night.  

Kotturpuram, India

When Anita, aged 60 and her husband, 65, tested positive for COVID-19, it didn’t felt like a shock to them at first. “We were returning from New Zealand on March 15th and a fellow passenger in our flight was sick. We expected to get it.”

As there were few cases reported in India back then, they were not tested for COVID-19 in the beginning but quarantined at their home. Two days later they both were infected with flu. Though they carried on with their regular work and started taking paracetamol after doctor’s advice.

“I felt exhausted and was down with an upset stomach, but these symptoms did not last for more than two days. The protocol back then was that patients would be admitted to the hospital only when they showed symptoms such as respiratory distress. But when my husband’s blood pressure started dropping even after taking regular BP medicines, we got him admitted where he tested positive and was isolated in the COVID ward. They also took a chest X-ray and it wasn’t very good.”

Virginia, United States

Henrico resident Kathy White, 61, when saw a rash on her arms and legs, she rushed to her local clinic, fearing an infection. She was diagnosed with bronchitis and sent home with medication. Later her body temperature kept fluctuating and cough get worsened.

“I got up to go to the bathroom, and it was like the change in altitude on a plane. The weight of the air was on my chest, and I couldn’t breathe.”

Later at the hospital, she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had fever. She was connected to her family only through video chats and calls as was quarantined in her room and meticulously following all the safety guidelines.


Every life counts

Kotturpuram, India

The Chennai Corporation took utmost care of Anita and her husband once they tested positive. Their entire neighborhood had been shut down and sealed which were the most immediate steps. Although it was just one house in the neighborhood that had tested positive still the corporation didn’t leave any loose ends.

“I received three calls every day from the Corporation, enquiring after my health and that was really commendable. The calls were mostly to find out how I was doing. Psychologists from the Corporation checked on my mental health on a daily basis just in case if I was depressed or feeling uneasy.”

Besides isolating them in their homes, the Corporation also tracked every contact that had been to Anita’s house and they also placed stickers outside their door to make others aware.

Virginia, United States

White feels thankful to the nurses for getting her through all the hard times at the hospital quarantine center. One nurse brought hair products for her and another spent an hour at her bedside for soothing her.

During her time at hospital quarantine, she also enrolled in the sarilumab drug trial at VCU. Joining a clinical trial, she said, gave her purpose. “I just felt like, that’s the least I could do to contribute to cleaning up this mess. To be able to survive it, you just feel like you’ve got to do something.”

Her lung function improved just within a week. Her treatment went successful and after seeing the toll the virus took on her providers, who took their own risks to be there, she feels really grateful.


Accessories at disposal

Kotturpuram, India

“My children stay abroad and they naturally panicked. As soon as we quarantined ourselves, we also asked all our staff to stay at their own homes, to be safe. All our primary contacts were tested and it all turned out to be negative. I still see people interacting with us become fearful when they hear we are COVID survivors. There was considerable anxiety among them in the fear that we could spread it even after the quarantine period had ended.”

“People were checking with us from time to time to see if we needed any essentials that they could drop outside our home. I didn’t feel alienated at all. My husband’s appetite had gone completely. He lost his sense of smell and taste when he was sick. He refused the food we made and this was all early stage symptoms. During the hospital stay, he lost 4 kg and suffered weakness and exhaustion even when he was declared negative and discharged.”

As earlier the virus is detected before harming person’s physical and mental functions the better. On the very last stage of the virus, problems like breathlessness and lack of taste or even smell starts surfacing and that when they are more concerning. Anita’s husband took 10 days to recover after returning from the treatment and is still trying to regain his weight and strength and the progress is slow but consistent which is normal among Covid-19 survivors.

Virginia, United States

White feels guilty about how she may have spread the virus around before being quarantined. Health department has given her the green light but she still fears going out in public.

“I know I can’t stay in this house forever. But I don’t want anybody to come to my house, and I don’t want to be around anybody, because the thought of passing this to somebody scares me.”

Feeling responsible for the people who may have lost their jobs because of her, White struggles to come to terms with her survival. She also worries about the medical department workers, who gave her a lot of hope while she was at hospital. With brilliant medical assistance and some hardcore fighting spirit inside, she started recovering slowly but steadily.


Piece of advice

Kotturpuram, India

“I believe we need to learn to live with the virus. Building immunity is the key at the moment, till a vaccine is available for the population at large. Your immunity is the only vaccine as of now. My husband and I both exercise every day, but I used to go a step ahead by using pepper and turmeric in my diet.”

“Finally, I would say wear a mask and follow all hygiene/sanitation protocols. Stay indoors as much as you can unless it’s absolutely necessary to step out. We also need to remember that a huge percentage of people are in fact recovering, so stay positive and strong. We will all get through this.”

Virginia, United States

Now living at home, White still gets winded easily and she often trembles at times. She’s still figuring out her return to work, and she hopes to attend her first horse race this year. She wishes to looks forward to some good meals and to plant her garden.

“I want people to take the coronavirus seriously. I am concerned about a world in which we can’t be close — where hugs and handshakes are dangerous. Because that’s exactly what the world needs more – love, kindness and forgiveness.”


Conclusion –

These two brave stories from two different corners of the world with almost similar symptoms, consequences and medication and end-results tell that there is still hope. There always will be.

Anita and her husband suffered and went into quarantine and took medication and necessary health precautions to get better but there are many who don’t even have the resources to do all that.

Kathy white did quarantine herself in her house but there are many who can’t as they need to go out and earn to live. Anita’s story tells us about the necessity of fitness and health. Even in quarantine they both exercised to do stay healthy which tells us that we all need to take our health at utmost priority.

Kathy had an excellent teams of nurses and doctors working at her disposal but she also did everything she could to help doctors to help her and others.

These two stories shows that when even a disease could be so unbiased why can’t our perspectives. Nobody knows when this virus may end but one thing is certain that people’s perspective has changed towards the need of public health care services and facilities.      

Many people still deny the existence of COVID-19, and many go about their business every day without putting on a facemask or maintaining physical distance. After surviving the disease, Anita and Kathy both suggest strongly to people to protect themselves from the coronavirus. We know that the coronavirus will one day be a thing of the past, but it lies in all of our hands to make that happen. 


Take away

SARS-CoV-2 is till date the seventh coronavirus known to transmit to humans, and the third zoonotic virus after SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Bats are the reservoir hosts of a number of additional novel coronaviruses, ones about which we still are in blind, particularly Chinese horseshoe bats, and a number of other novel coronaviruses. It is also possible that other potential cross-species events could occur in the future and might at bigger scale.

There is therefore a strong need to ban unregulated wild animal sales, particularly exotic species, in every place of the world both from a public health care perspective and also to avoid the ecological damage it would lead. Such a ban would be difficult to proceed taking the cultural reasons into account.

One fortunate report that has surfaced is that on 24 Feb 2020 China’s top legislative committee has passed a proposal to ban all trade and consumption of wild animals. It might help in reducing the risk of another novel virus emerging from wildlife in China in the near future if this proposal really works out.

But the virus is not over yet and one of the most depressing facts is that the treatment might take years to come and so as the vaccine manufacturing and distribution process but we need to keep hope and continue our chore with the same pace but keeping all the cultural responsibilities at the utmost priorities.

Now we know how our fates are intertwined. If we are bargaining at a fancy restaurant and having a cheap meal just to save little cuts at the end than we need to understand that we are taking much valued wages off the cashier or waiter’s monthly salaries.

It’s our fault if our neighbour is still going out in public without necessary precautions because we failed to teach him critical thinking and moral lessons at government schools. It’s our fault that we are forcing him to arrive at work if he wishes to get paid and it’s our fault if we our forcing him to pay rents in these tough times. And it’s still our fault if we are seeing him as a bad element whereas we can make our lives more meaningful if we try to help him out a bit. The pandemic will leave sooner than later but we need to keep all the good lessons it had taught us. The pandemic has forced us to stay at homes but has taught us the need to break boundaries.

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Everything you need to know about Covid-19 vaccine

One question running through every mind on the planet these days is when things will go back as they were before the rise of pandemic.

The simplest solution to this may be approached in two ways – first when a powerful drug would be made to treat or mitigate Covid-19 and second when every person on earth will be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The former is a long shot.

This leaves us with only one positive solution – vaccine. But making a safe and effective vaccine is a rigorous process. And the fastest vaccine ever made took five years for distribution to general public. But the world doesn’t have five years. With 1.7 million deaths and about 80 million cases worldwide, we need a solution as soon as possible in order to save as many lives as we can.

But practically, if we want to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine in billions of doses and we need to get them out to every part of the world.

How soon a vaccine may be out for sale?

The former director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that it’ll take around eighteen months to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

The two most important aspects that require consideration while developing a vaccine are safety and efficacy.

  • Safety is exactly what it sounds like. Is it safe for humans? Are there any side effects? You have to make sure you don’t give something worse in order to cure.
  • Efficacy measures how well the vaccine protects people from getting sick. Although, ideally, a vaccine should have 100 percent efficacy but many don’t. For example, this year’s flu vaccine is around 45 percent effective.

Hence, worldwide potential vaccine candidates such as Pfizer, Bio N Tech, Oxford University and AstraZeneca are giving everything they have into making a safe and effective vaccine as quickly as possible.

How does a vaccine works?

To understand the process, it’s helpful to first understand how the human immune system works.

When a disease pathogen gets into our system, our immune system responds by producing antibodies. These antibodies attach themselves to substances called antigens on the surface of the microbe, which sends a signal to your body to attack. Your immune system keeps a record of every microbe it has ever defeated, so that it can quickly recognize and destroy invaders before they make you ill.

Vaccines circumvent this whole process by teaching your body how to defeat a pathogen without ever getting sick. The two most common types are inactivated and live vaccines. Inactivated vaccines contain pathogens that have been killed. Live vaccines, on the other hand, are made of living pathogens that have been weakened. They’re highly effective but more prone to side effects than their inactivated counterparts.

There are a number of COVID-19 vaccine candidates of both types but the only downside is that they’re time-consuming.

That’s why two new approaches that some of the candidates are taking are RNA and DNA vaccines.

Their working is quiet simple and precise. Rather than injecting a pathogen’s antigen into our body, they instead give the body the genetic code needed to produce that antigen itself. When the antigens appear on the outside of cells, our immune system attacks them—and learns how to defeat future intruders in the process. You essentially turn your body into its own vaccine manufacturing unit.

But we don’t know for sure yet if RNA is a viable platform for vaccines. Since Covid would be the first RNA vaccine out of the gate, we have to prove both that the platform itself works and that it creates immunity. 

It might not be perfect but we need it.

The smallpox vaccine was far from perfect, but it got the job done. The Covid-19 vaccine might be similar.

In order to stop the pandemic, we need to make the vaccine available to almost every person on the planet. We’ve never delivered something to every corner of the world before. And, as I mentioned earlier, vaccines are particularly difficult to make and store.

Who gets first?

Most people agree that health workers should get the vaccine first. But who gets it next? Older people? Teachers? Workers in essential jobs?

Many believe that low-income countries should be some of the first to receive it, because people will be at a much higher risk of dying in those places. Covid-19 will spread much quicker in poor countries because measures like physical distancing are harder to enact. 

Be Optimistic

It might be a bit hard to see right now, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. We’re doing all the necessary as we can and at the right pace to get a vaccine. Meanwhile, it’s also mandatory to continue following the guidelines set by authorities. Our ability to get through this outbreak will depend on everyone doing their part to keep each other safe.

Good luck!

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How to Write Content for a Website

Do you want to write Best Content for a Website-?

Well, this is an art and at some points, it is very important for your website to have a dynamic and brilliant website. Creative and unique content can increase the value of your website and can bring more and more visitors. Because when a visitor comes then only they can be turned into customers.

Anyone can write an article, but it takes a special kind of practice to write engaging content.

Good website content is the best key to beating these statistics. Well-written content that’s optimized for the web rises to the top of search results and holds readers’ attention.

A website should be designed to attract reader attention, provide value, and offer information. Usually Website content is the foundation of all content around the web, and it’s essential to know how to write content for a website in a fast, effective, and compelling way.

Here, I will share some tips for writing content for a website that will rank better in search engines


Page Content

  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Know Your Audience First
  • Write Short, Simple Sentences
  • Create Strong Headlines
  • Always Hyperlink to Your Sources
  • Image Alt Attribute
  • Internal Links
  • Make Text Scannable

1. SEO Friendly Content

Before start writing content for the website, you need to know or you should be clear yourself about what you are going to describe your audience. Good knowledge can able you to write great content. Creative and unique can kill two birds with one stone if you combine search engine optimization with your editorial calendar planning.

SEO friendly content illuminates your competitor’s content strategy and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your own. And it also allows you to optimize individual articles and your content strategy as a whole to bring in more traffic to your website.

2. Know Your Audience First

Most of the content writer does these basic mistakes while writing content. You should properly know your audience. Before creating content, you should ask yourself these questions: Who is my primary audience? Think about a secondary audience who can influence and inform your primary audience? How will they find my site online? What does your audience want? What do they need?

Audiences can find web content through many different paths—from social media sharing, links from other websites, email sharing, and SERP’s. SERP’s method is surely important when you write for the web. The text could be extremely well-written and informative. It’s important to think of your audience again: what search terms would they type into Google?

3. Write Short, Simple Sentences

Your audience always wants something unique and creative but it should as much as best as they can understand easily. When you’re writing your content for your website, it somewhere means that offering your services, describing your brand, enhancing your visibility and lot more. Most of the popular models are based on the length of words and sentences in a text. Keep in mind this always-Your text’s readability is then scored by a number or an education level.

As per our article title, we are not going to say that your content should shorter but from this, we meant that there is a basic length that should be followed during writing content.

4. Create Strong Headlines

Strong headlines always are the center of all things content on your website. We know it very well while the purpose of headlines is indeed to drive interest; headlines are also a good place to think about how best to provide relevance and information.

Always take care that people should be able to visit your site, look at your headline, and understand what the purpose of a page is and what types of information they can expect to find there.

5.  Always Hyperlink to Your Sources

When you reference another website’s content, ensure your hyperlink returned to that website online. It’s good internet etiquette, and you’d want the same courtesy. You should always mention your sources, even if you’re afraid it’ll send your web traffic to another site — and you can also select the “open link in another window” option if you’re that worry about keeping your traffic.

6. Image Alt Attribute

Google can’t read images.

Text is how Google recognizes an image.

It necessary that search engines can understand what an image is about, you should always use proper image names.

Most of the people make the mistake of uploading images with names like image001.jpg.

This is a huge mistake!

When you are naming an image, keep the name relevant to the image itself.

I have seen positive outcomes while the usage of keywords in the photograph anchor text, so you should at least use keywords in your image alt text.

7. Internal Links

Internal links are very important in the website content. It’s necessary that website content writers know the importance of internal links. Linking to other pages on your site, can boosts SEO, gives readers useful info, and it also increases page views and time on site. However, it’s not enough.

It’s a part of your job that you need to revisit older posts and pages to update them with new links. This can boosts your search results, makes your pages more useful and relevant to users and helps your website content stays fresh.

8. Make Text Scannable

In addition to putting the most necessary information up top, make sure the text is easy to skim. You should aware of this that most web readers will scan the page to find the specific piece of information they’re looking for.

Don’t believe it? Try paying attention the next time you open a webpage you haven’t seen before. Are you reading every word beginning to end? Or is your eye jumping around, looking for the information you want?

Instead of text-heavy paragraphs, you should always use bulleted or numerical lists. Instead of one long page of text, organize content into labeled tabs which can give an easy reading to clients.

You must divide content into sections with descriptive sub-headers. For example, a webpage about some information then it should be described into sections. When you describing your service or information in subsection then it attracts your customer or visitors or makes easy for them to have the desired information that they want.


Writing website content is more important than the thing that whatever you’re trying to explain t your audience it should be relevant to your service and customer find the exact information at your site. As we mentioned above a lot of tips to write the best website content kindly follow these steps. Because everyone wants their site not only to engage with new visitors but also to stay at the top on SERP’s.

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How to Increase Domain Authority of a Website


We know it very well that there are hundreds of factors that Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website. One particular factor should be taken on great importance is the domain authority of your website.

It’s completely true that the higher your domain authority is, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking and to receive more and excellent web traffic.

 Your domain authority ensures you about your SEO or we can say that this is a better way to measure your SEO efforts as well as compare the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.

We will tell you efficiently-How to Increase the DA of your website?

Here we are going to explain the most realistic factor to increase the Domain Authority of your website.  But before going to explain these important methods I want to bring your kind notice on- why it is important to increase the DA of your website.


Page Contents

Why it is important to increase Domain Authority of your website.

How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

1 Good Domain Name

2 Optimize Your SEO

3 Creative and Quality Content

4 Improve Your Internal Linking

5 Remove Bad Links

6 Get More High-Authority Links

7 Your Website Should be Mobile-Friendly

8 High Publishing Frequency

Why it is Significant to increase the DA of your website.

Increasing your Domain Authority ensures the increase in website ranking higher on Google and other search engines. There is lot of website, you may have seen that a website which has a low DA ranks lower than websites who have a high DA with much less engaging content.

We need to work on DA for high rank on SERP’s

Here are a few facts about Domain Authority:

  • To calculate Domain Authority, we recommend you to use MOZ extension.
  • Websites that rank higher on search engines that also have high DA.
  • High Domain Authority means high search engine rankings mean more traffic.

Now, we are going to describe that how you can improve the DA of your website. It sounds good but it won’t be go so easy as much as you thing but won’t be hard as doing first time climbing.


How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

Domain authority is scored on a size of 1 to 100, utilizing a algorithm designed by Moz. Its logarithmic scale implies that it’s a lot simpler to improve your score if your DA is at a 20 or a 30 than if it was at a 70 or a 80. Moz set some areas to grade a website on rank for example- if the DA of website is in the range of 40 and 50 is viewed as normal, in the range of 50 and 60 is viewed as acceptable and more than 60 is viewed as magnificent.

Let’s go ahead and see the valuable factor that will surely help you to increase your DA

Step 1: Good Domain Name

If you are just starting out your website, then picking up a good domain name that is relevant to your website will surely help you from the beginning to improve DA of your website. You should look at your website, SEOPressor as an example. We are mostly concentrating on WordPress SEO plugin, which clarifies why we have the keyword SEO in our domain.

But in case if you have an existing website with having a good domain name so let’s move forward and see our other powerful factors.

Step 2: Optimize Your SEO

Search engine opyimiaztion matters for both Google search engine rankingas well as your domain authority, so you have to make sure that you optimize your on-page and also off page seo, including your title tags, image alt tags and the content itself.

Keep in mind these factors that will help you to maintain your On-Page Optimization:

1. Related Keyword–  keep the keyword density between 0.5 to 1.5%.

2. Targeted keyword– Choose a perfect keyword for your blog posts.

3. SEO-friendly Link– Use an SEO-friendly link structure

4. Meta Title & Description– Fill out your meta title and description.. Your meta description should have your focus keyword in it.

5. Image optimization– Optimize your images to boost your SEO status.

Step 3: Creative and Quality Content

You have to compose quality content so as to get a high DA score. One of a kind and approachable content gets esteem all over the place. If you want to write quality content, you need to focus on your ability.

Remember this

Quality writing is everything.

Content is what attracts visitors. Use pictures, GIFs, and videos to make your content more engaging and attracting.

Visual is Better than Textual-

You can use infographics as they can make you more enjoyable and easy to understand

Longer articles are viewed as more informative.

Step 4: Improve Your Internal Linking

Internal links always helps to direct visitors to what they are trying to find, thereby improving their user experience.  It will help them in case they’ve burrowed deep into your back catalog of blog posts, still they can easily find their way to your homepage by one of your internal links.

These Internal links help prevent visitors from leaving out of frustration and also help to keep them engaged with your website at the same time.

Step 5: Remove Bad Links

Remove bad links that are affecting your site’s position on Google should be done on a regular basis. Getting a quality links is as important as moving toxic and spammy links.

Always keep your link profile clean and spotless. Most of the bloggers don’t focus on this important fix that needs to be done continuously. If you will not disavow the bad links that are completely harming your site bit by bit, then you may lose your position in SERP’s.

Bad links directly impact your Domain Authority. So you should focus on removing bad links and generating quality links.

Step 6: Get More High-Authority Links

It won’t go so easy to generate high-quality links for your site, but it’s going to be worth it.

Links from high-authority locales pages despite everything convey huge ranking power, and they drive both Domain Authority and Page Authority. Even if you decide to choose to overlook DA, you know high-authority links are a good thing to have.

1. Share your content on social networking sites

2. Guest Posting

3. Content Is The Natural Link Builder

Step 7: Your Website Should be Mobile-Friendly

Your website should always mobile-friendly. Most of the users access the web through mobile devices. If your website hasn’t been optimized for portable use yet, then you’re way behind.

This not only will hurt your mobile search engine rankings, but you’ll lose out on a lot of visitors. So keep on this properly.

Step 8: High Publishing Frequency

We know it better than post on a regular basis is not easy. But if you will do it, then improving your Domain Authority will be easy. You should post on regular basis and it will help to increase your Domain Authority, but if you’re not consistent about the regular post then it may decrease the DA.

Lots of Other benefits of regular posting

1. Better traffic, higher revenue, higher page rank.
2. Develops your writing skills.
3. You will always have something new to share with your readers.
4. You can Generates trust among visitors.
5. Consistent with your Clients and reader or visitors.


We have explained the most valuable factor that can help you to increase the Domain of your website. I try to provide efficient information through this blog but I need also your kind notice toward this blog after that only it can help you. More search more information can stand you always ahead. For another assistance you see out other blog post.

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Amazon A+ Content: A Complete Process and Guideline

Amazon- this name is growing like a fire in the town. In this time Amazon is one of the best and big portal in the country for online selling for all the seller including high, mid and low average selling. Amazon provides all the sellers a great experience of selling. This portal provides a various benefits to seller in which one of the A+ listing which is also known as EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). Most of the sellers don’t know how to create A+ listing and that increases your sale by 3% to 10%. A huge but not vast difference between A+ and EBC.

We did our 100% in this blog for your better understanding to know how to create A+ listing. But to understand  Amazon A+ listing process and guideline you kind notice in must needed toward this theory.


What is A+ Content-?

Amazon A+ content is one of the most effective and important ways to enhance your product content, boost conversion rates, and acquire higher ranking on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). With the help of A+ content, you can easily enhance your product descriptions, detail page with high definition videos, high-quality images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more. These details help to showcase your brand and convey the right message to buyer to get the perfect choice among the various options available on Amazon.

What A+ Content Included

Attractive product images & visuals, including 5 modules.

Comparison Chart, to get the customer difference between good and great.

Informative, and yet short introduction of the product. This could be within 100 words or less.

Short bullet points, where every line makes the best impact on the buyer and explains the feature and benefits of product.

What’s in the boxThis module will help you to list your entire product to aware buyer about your collection of other products.

Below is an example of A+ content 

What Is Premium or A++ Amazon  Content?

 Basic A+ Content is completely different from Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content. Whereas Basic A+ content is completely free but A++ content charges some cost by the Amazon. The latter is invite-only options that involve a fee and give a great and more templates selection, modules, such as interactive images, slider galleries, and video loops. While A++ content is a great option for high recognize a brand to boost their customer’s trust. Whether A+ or A++ both will work well for the majority of ASINs.

Eligibility-Criteria For A+ Content Creation

Amazon A+ is not available for all the sellers. A+ can be only created by the Brand Owners or Professional Owners (who are approved as Brand Owners via the ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program. Once you are approved by the Amazon side, you create EBC only to that items are a part of your approved brand catalog.

A+ OR EBC- Difference

Amazon A+ content is Vendor Central Program, which is invite-only. This feature allows the sellers to create pages with additional multimedia modules such as comparison charts, videos, testimonials, formatted text, etc.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is done by the third party on the seller central page. This is as same as A+ content on vendor central page. It is used when you take a services from third party to done your EBC.

There are two types of content you can create with your Amazon listings, as a seller:

Basic A+ content, where you can use 5 standard modules (free and available for every seller)

Premium A+ content, here Amazon provides access to 7 modules with a few other cool features (only for brand owners & professional sellers who are approved as brand owners).

Here you can choose between the Self Service Modules (includes Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), each with a fee).

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon Basic A+ content with five standard modules is free. But as said earlier, A+ can be only create by the Brand Owners or Professional Owners (who are approved as Brand Owners via the ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program.

Amazon A+ is not the same as Premium A+ content, but there is the additional cost of creating the A++  content because it includes seven modules offer a cool and additional features modules which will help you to create your listing more attractive.

How to Create Amazon EBC Content

  1. The first step is going to seller central page on web.
2. Log into Seller Central and hover over the Advertising Menu then select A+Content  Manager”.
3. Next  Click on the Start Creating A+ Content
4. Here you can see easily about A+ content modules.

How to Create Amazon A+ Content

Here you can see step-by-step process that explains how to create an Amazon A+ content:

  1. First, log in to your Vendor Central accounts with the correct credentials.
  2. Next, go to the menu called Merchandising and click A+ Details Pages.
  3. Now,Upon doing last step, you will see two options:

(i). Self-service modules

(ii). Amazon builds for you

Amazon A+ Content Types Of Modules

You can choose one at a time. If you click “Self-service modules,” it redirects you to A+page where you Can create A+ via entering the ASIN that you want to create the content for. After that, you can choose modules as per your choice.


Once you enter the ASIN, you will be asked to choose a BUILD LAYOUT. Amazon provide you 12 types of modules.

Standard (10 options)

Advanced (2 options)

From these 12 modules a seller can use up to 5 modules

  1. Once you are done with modules selection,click the continue button. Upload the image and content. Click on the preview option so that you can see how your page looks like before approval.
  2. Now Click on the “add to cart” to see the pricing details. Finally, you can buy your A+ content.
  3. In caseIf you will choose “Amazon builds for you,” it automatically redirects you to a page where you don’t need to use more efforts just upload your text & images, and the rest of your job will be done by Amazon.
  4. Next Enter the correct and recognizable project name.
  5. Design layout and upload your content and image in the zip file.
  6. when you done from your side click the finish button.
  7. If everything will be ok you’re A+ will review and publish on Amazon Page in 7 business days.
  8. For one time A+ live on Amazon pageyou have to follow the A+ Guidelines other it will lead to rejection.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon set some guidelines towards A+ and you have to follow these guidelines to  publish you’re A+ on Amazon page. These guidelines is completely describe in our other blog you can take help from there where you can also learn how to create an A+ premium content. You can also download the pdf or adobe file from seller central or vendor central account and aware before creating an A+.

Benefits of A+

  • Amazon says that basic A+ or EBC can increase you sales or ROI up to 3% to 10%.
  • Enhanced your brand, description content.
  • Better and huge information for the buyers about your product can attract them to purchase your product.
  • Show high-quality images bring attractive imagination in the buyer’s mind.
  • High in conversion rates.

What should you do in creating A+ content

  1. Use unique content and images. Do not copy-paste the description or content.
  2. A description is always set as customer-friendly so that buyer can easily understand your product details.
  3. Use high-quality images in content.
  4. Keep your content precise and short.
  5. Combine images and text.
  6. Avoid Content Errors.
  7. Use banner wisely so that your A+ will look great.
  8. Try to keep it more visual and less textual.

Basic Thing you need to know before creating A+ content. (Amazon A+ Content Guidelines )

  • Do not use symbols or special characters like™ or ®.
  • Check grammatical errors before going ahead.
  • Do not give any contact number in the content.
  • Do not advertise your product like- it available on Flipkart or other portals
  • Do not mention any link or URL on-page for reference.
  • Do not mention any information about shipping.
  • There should be not any watermark in the images.
  • Do not mention any guarantee or warranties.
  • Do not use claims such as ‘’The Best’’.
  • Set your content in sentence case.
  • Always proofread your content before submitting it.


Creating A+ content for your product listings is one of the best way to boost your customers trust, increase their knowledge about product and drive sales up. Grab customer more attention towards your brand and connect them with your brand for future.

I hope this blog help you out to find the best you are looking for. In spite of it if you are facing any difficulty then you can take our services

for Amazon A+ listing and can increase your visibility on Amazon Page. For more detail of our services kindly contact us on.8750422220 or directly

visit our contact us page.

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A complete Guide to reduce spam score of a Website

What is Spam Score


Spam Score is one of the important part of a website. It plays a very important part to rank on google. Spam Score represents the percentage of penalized or spammy sites connected with your site. Spam Score depends on our AI model which distinguished 27 basic highlights among a large number of prohibited or penalized sites in the information we nourished it.

If your spam score is high or it looking to be increased then it’s not necessary that your site is spammy. But it indicates that you have to do more investigation into the quality and relevancy of your website.


How Spam Score Increase

There are lots of methods that are responsible for a spam score of a website. The most relevant method is to connect your website with spammy websites. When you connect your website with a related website of your niche to create backlinks then the chances of getting spam score increased.

Why would we care about spam backlinks?

Each time we get another backlink, we’re making a modest advance towards a superior search Position position. Backlinks ought to be extraordinary, isn’t that so?

Wrong. Indeed, in any event not actually right.

Listen to this. Some backlinks are frightful to the point that they can toss a shadow on your entire backlink profile which you’ve been working for such a long time. That shadow may, in the end, lead to a Google punishment.

Not all backlinks are made equivalent. At the rear of SEO, there’s a thing called spam backlink, which is essentially a connect to your page put on a trashy, unessential site with some arbitrary, sick fitted grapple content.

Not useful for your picture, isn’t that so? That is the thing that Google considers it, as well.

Spam Score BreakDown

Here is the complete detail or breakdown od the spam score of a website

0-25% – Low (Good)

25-50 – Average (Need to Reduce)

50-70 – High (website in Danger)

70-100 Very Bad

How to detect Spam Score of a Website

There are lots of tools that are better to use but we will recommend MOZ extension or tool to better know your spam score. You can use MOZ extension otherwise directly visit to MOZ website to find your spam score.

The two best working methods to finding Spam Score

1. Detecting low-quality websites that link to you.

2. Identifying spammy anchor texts.

How to Reduce Spam Score Step-By-Step

So, After getting all the information about the spam score. Here, we will discuss about how to reduce the spam score of a website. We will find the spammy links through MOZ.

1. Download the Moz Extension on your Google Chrome and then click on the Spam Score of the website highlighted in the screenshot.
2. Once you will click on spam score it will redirect on to the MOZ website. Here you have to copy all the spammy links and make a file on it.
3. Make a txt file of spammy Links and save it on your Desktop.
4. Go through the website listed below and disavow backlinks by choose txt file you saved and submit it.


Final Words

Here is the complete guide to reduce spam score step by step. If you find any difficulty in this article then you can check the complete procedure in the video given below. Hope you will follow these steps to disavow the your spam score. If you have another option to reduce spam score then comments us in a comment section.

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10 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site & Reduce Loading Time

How to speed up WordPress ?. Today, everyone wants to be aware of about how to speed up WordPress & reduce the loading time. Fortunately, we are going to describe numerous techniques that you can employ to get the job done. Here, our intent is to list every steps or technology that we know of that can make your WordPress site a lot faster. We have done our best to make this blog as beginner-friendly.

Introduction Part of the WordPress

WordPress is among the best and popular open-source CMS which is used for creating dynamic websites and blogs. It is the widely used website creation tool and also an equally powerful CMS.. WordPress has a multi used and Uses of WordPress helps you to Develop a real estate and property listing web area.  Amazing system WordPress system that lets you create pages or posts or blogs without having to learn all that complicated HTML code.

Reasons for Speed up WordPress

Google (Search Engine) always rank websites with fast-loading times higher than the slow-loading ones. So, if you want to reach at top in the SERPs, then choose your priorities wisely or we can say improving speed of WordPress in one of your priorities.

As studies have been shown that if site loading speed of more than 2 seconds then usually most of the visitors bouncing off the websites. To keep interested your visitors, you should speed up your WordPress.

Before starting Tricks for WordPress Speed You should know How to measure loading time of your website

Firstly, analyze the current load time for your website and always keep in mind that website speed may differ from page to page, as it depends on various factors, namely:

the size of that particular page,

how many requests it generates,

whether it is cached or not,

and last, Kind of content is dynamic or static it hosts.

In order to check the speed of a website, you can use the following three tools that are used extensively across the web

Once you are done with measuring the website speed, keep that note handy somewhere and compare the result, after implementing WordPress speed optimization steps which we have mentioned below.

Before applying the steps you should take a Backup of WordPress-

Here are 10 Ways to Increase Speed Up WordPress & Reduce Loading Time


1 Choose wisely web hosting provider

Web hosting provide is the major part in implementing of your website. It might be a good idea to host your new website on a shared hosting provider that offers “unlimited” bandwidth, space, domains and more. However, the point that we usually miss out on regarding this offer is that shared hosting environments fail to provide good loading times on peak traffic hours.

When you get a web hosting provider then web hoster deliver a poorer performance because you are sharing the same server space with countless other websites. Also you don’t know exactly how well the servers are optimized. So, it is basically a most important term that you should choose wisely your web hosting provider.

2 Image Optimization

Images are an important part of the visual web and you should optimize it wisely.

You should keep in mind about some major points about images optimization-

Highest Image Quality

Efficient Data Compression

Smaller Files

When you are putting images on your website you should not use too many images on your website it not let your websites go speedily.

Images quality always should be high but as per your website load, its image quality should be select. Average website transfer 800-900kb of images per URL.

What would you do if you are writing a photo-intensive blog?

Here, we are describing a few things you can do right away to improve the performance of your photo-intensive blog-

Use a CDN: Preferably StackPath (Formerly MAXCDN)

Use the right image format:

When you’re using the right image format it itself reduces the size of the image. Sometimes,  Just changing the file format from .png to .jpg has given us 80% reduction in size.

Or you can use Photoshop if you have a graphics person because it is the best method to lower the image size without losing images quality.

3 Do Not Use Too Many Plugins

Too many plugins will increase the size of your backup and put an overwhelming amount of load on your server resources. You should always get rid of the plugins that you don’t use and also look for alternate methods to use third-party services for automating or scheduling tasks.

4 Avoid Too Many Plugins

The most significant powers of WordPress is plugins and a lot of peoples are so obsessed with it, that you are using more than 30-40 plugins on your blog. Not all plugins are bad but you should choose plugins with great knowledge. You should try to minimize the number of plugins on your blog and regularly clean up your database.  You should ensure that you are using at least one cache plugin on your blog.

5. Optimize WordPress database

Optimizing your database or deleting unnecessary data from your database will keep its size to a minimum and also helps in reducing the size of your backups. Delete all spam comments, fake users, and even unwanted plugins as well as themes. When you have done all of this will it itself reduce the size of your databases and web files, and thus speed up WordPress – your WordPress.

6  Fast WordPress Theme

Go with the time and use fast loading themes and should ensure that you are using a truly responsive theme to give a faster loading of your blog on mobile and tablets.

Two most popular theme in 2019


Generate Pres

7  Use a CDN

A lot of people visit your site from various countries in the world, and needless to say, the site loading speed will differ if the visitors are located far away from where your site is hosted. There are many CDN available that helps in keeping the site-loading speed to a minimum for a visitors from various countries. The first function of a CDN is to serve the webpage to a visitor from the nearest possible location.

We recommend you Cloudflare that offers free CDN service which is idle for all kinds of blogs.

8.  Reduce too many advertisements

Displaying too many ads on your blog create complexity to speed up your website.  There are Many PPC ads are full of unnecessary HTML content and can affect your site’s loading time by a great margin.

For the advertisement, you should use Google AdSense or as it is well optimized.

9. Avoid Long Posts in Website Pages

Putting too long post in your website pages create a high difficulty to reduce the loading time of your website.  Unfortunately, long post generates a potential adverse effect and it may dramatically slow your website’s loading speed.

10. Disable Trackbacks & Pingbacks

Pingbacks and trackbacks are two core components of WordPress that alerts you whenever your blog or page receives a link. Pingbacks and trackbacks can also put an undesirable amount of strain on your server resources. This is so because whenever you try to link up to your site, it generates requests from WordPress back and forth.


Speeding up your website or reduce the loading time of WordPress completely includes a procedure and as we mentioned above its important to speed up your website in today’s world. The best advantage of speeding up WordPress site loading time is that it will help tremendously in improving the experience of your visitors.  By implementing your website will also improve your rankings in the SERPs.

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How to start a Blog | 9 Easy Steps

Everyone is busy in today’s world. Something big is happening every day and Internet is the only platform to get in touch with this world. No one has time to connect with t.v and other platforms that’s why blogging is trending these days. that’s why Here we discussing about how to start a blog.

What is Blogging

Blogging is a technical art or we can say a platform where we give information about something to the world. Through blogging, you can get any kind of news and information of this world.

Blogging first began as an approach to have an online individual web log, in which an individual would write about their day. From “web log” came the name “blog.” But now it’s become a very important part of bloggers life. Many people are confused between the name Blog or website. But these are the totally different platform.


Blogs are updated frequently and it allows users to read their content. As we know search engines love new content that’s why they are easy to rank on google. Blogging allows to keep your users fresh and up-to-date. The most important thing is that using blogs you can earn money.


Website is basically a webpage that is mostly used professionally. A website basically identify the name of a company or individual. Website mosly used to sell services or product. it identifies the specific domain name and published on a web server.

9 easy steps to start a Successful Blog

1. Interest on Topic.

2. Pick your Domain Name. (Related to your Blog)

3. Get Your Blog Online. ( Purchase Web Hosting )

4. Design Your Blog on WordPress or other platforms.

5. Write Your First Blog.

6. Promote Your Blog and Make Money.

7. Develop good content.

8. Publish your content on Schedule basis.

9. Legal Pages and Security.

1. Interest and Platform


This is the first and very important part of this Blog because if your planning to start a blog then it is very important that your interest topic should be your blog niche. If you will start your blog without your interest then one day you will get bored or tired and would stop doing blogging.

2. Domain Name

Select a domain name related to your niche. As per google terms, If your domain name is related to blog then it will be easy to rank on google.

The name of your blog is the thing that user will see first (like, so it ought to speak to something like the general themes you’ll be expounding on—or it could be your own name, that of your business, a sharp mix of words, or something else. In case you’re missing the mark on thoughts for naming your blog now, you can bounce down to here for more guidance on picking the correct name.

As you pick your blog’s name here, you’ll additionally choose the blogging stage and web facilitating you’ll us so as to get your blog on the web.

The blend of blogging stage and web facilitating I for one use (and that most different bloggers use) is a WordPress blog, facilitated by Bluehost. WordPress is a distributing stage that has been around since 2003 and now controls over 60% of all sites on the Internet. Also, Bluehost is one of the longest settled organizations in the blog facilitating industry. This blend is the thing that we’ll be utilizing to begin blogging with right now.

3. Get Your Blog Online

Once you done with Domain Name, make it online with web hosting. Purchase a better Web Hosting ar per your budget and then make your blog online on search engines.

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

What is Web-Hosting

To make your site available to others on the Internet, you need a “Hosting.” The host guards all your site records, secure and ensures that individuals can get to your blog when they click on a connection or type in your URL.

I utilize and prescribe Bluehost to each blogger, since it goes about as a one-stop search for extraordinary (moderate) web facilitating and brisk and simple enlistment of your area name in one swoop. What’s more, in the event that you previously followed everything in step #1 above, at that point you have Bluehost set up to be your web facilitating supplier so no compelling reason to stress.

As I stated, in the event that you’ve just finished the initial step above and gotten arrangement with Bluehost—at that point you can avoid this progression! You’ve just got your space name and facilitating settled up.

4. Design Your Blog

So, Now the you have been make your blog online and you have to design it. For this you can use themes and design your blog properly otherwise you can design your blog through coding. If you are using wordpress then there are lots of free themes available using them you can design your blog easily.

Planning your WordPress blog is the point at which you may begin to feel a little rubbing with the way toward beginning a blog (on the off chance that you’ve never done this), yet I guarantee this won’t get excessively specialized.

5. Write your first Blog

Now you have done with all the implementation with your blog and here you have to work on your quality content. If your content will be good then there are chances to rank high on search engines. So, from starting you have to give your best content on your website because as per google algorithms A high-quality content is enough to rank any website.

When you write your first Blog Don’t forgot to Use these things

1. Use the primary keyword and secondary keyword in a post title and modify them accordingly.

2. Make post URL short & clean and USE primary keyword in the slug.

3. Try to use your primary keyword in the 1st and last paragraphs.

4. Keep Primary Keyword Density 0.5%. It means the use of the primary keyword in the content should be 0.5%.

5. Keep Secondary Keyword Density 0.2 – 0.5%. It means the use of the Secondary keyword in the content should be 0.2 – 0.5%.

6. Try to use Primary Keyword in one or more heading or Subheadings.

7. USE your primary keyword as ALT-Tag in first or main Image.

8. Try to frontload the primary keyword & Modify in Meta-title.

9. Try to Use Primary Keyword in the Meta-Description.

10. Use Short paragraph’s in your content and make it readable.

11. Use H1 heading and H2-H6 heading’s in the page contents and you should know that if you are using WordPress then WordPress automatically makes your title H1.

12. Highlight’s Important words or lines with color’s.

13. ADD External links in your article but it should be related to your content or Line on which you are using hyperlinking.

14. ADD External links in your article from another website that provides the exact result to the user.

6. Promote your Blog and Make Money

Till there you have been completed all your On-Page work. Now it’s time for Off-Page work and for this you have to promote your blog. If you promoted it well then it then the chances of earn money from this might be better. To earn money you have to monetize your blog with Google Adsense. For this you can read our blog How to get Google Adsense approval Fast. Promoted any blog is not easy So, you have make the right strategies then you can easily find your audience.

We’re going to utilize my experience to discuss going from figuring out how to make a blog, to driving a huge number of perusers to my substance.

On the off chance that you’ve made it this far, you should as of now be fit as a fiddle on your excursion of figuring out how to begin a blog, getting the essentials of composing convincing posts and making a lovely plan for your site.

Yet, there’s one final bit of the riddle that scarcely some other bloggers straightforwardly talk about: Promotion.

What do you do once you’ve hit distribute on your first blog entries?

Indeed, this is the specific explanation I’m employed as an advisor by organizations like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Adobe, Close, Gusto, Intuit and that’s just the beginning—to not just write inside and out substance for their websites, yet to show them how to advance their substance, acquire new perusers and even bring in cash from their online journals.

So you’ve figured out how to begin a blog… How would you drive traffic now?

It’s an inquiry I hear over and over. What’s more, it’s one that isolates the incredible web journals from the ones that are just perused by your mother and a couple of spam bots. In case you’re hoping to drive traffic and construct a fruitful business from your blog, you have to realize how to advance your posts.

7. Develop a good Content

Content is a king as you know So, here you have to generate the best content for your blog post. For this you can hire a person otherwise show your creativity. But this is very important that your content should be good and readable.

Making a “content system” may seem like a mind boggling, tedious, popular expression loaded procedure requiring a MBA and a barrel loaded up with espresso. In any case, it’s truly not.

A system is extremely only a significant arrangement for all the things you’ve just made sense of.

In the event that you know your specialty and comprehend you’re why…

In the event that you know your optimal peruser and what they’re searching for…

On the off chance that you know the worth you need to give them and your remarkable point…

At that point making a substance technique is as simple as settling your perusers most squeezing difficulties.

Even better, having a substance system will help you when you’re feeling unmotivated (something other than an inspirational statement blurb can ever achieve), when you don’t have the foggiest idea what to expound on, or when you’re considering abandoning your blog.

8. Regular Work Scheduling

If you are not regular with your work then it’s not possible to be success in any field. Regularity is very important in blogging because the competition in blogging is very much and we have to compete with other bloggers who are already doing better in this field. So, you have to make work on regular basis.

There are two or three reasons why consistency is critical. Composing reliably:

Sets desires with your perusers: People realize when to return and look at your blog and will check in consistently for new substance.

Sets desires with yourself: It can be anything but difficult to escape the propensity for distributing routinely in the event that you miss two or three days. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you choose and focus on a timetable, you know when you need to distribute. We as a whole improve a couple of cutoff times in our lives.

9. Legal Pages and Security

Once You done with all points mentioned above, Don’t forget to create legal Pages on your Blog. Because these played very important part in blogging.

The 4 Legal Pages Should be in your Blog

About Us

Privacy Policy

Terms and Condition

Contact Us

Starting a blog or making a site for your business can be quite energizing. So energizing that you may neglect to ensure you’re in consistent with the law.

In case you’re requesting that individuals buy into your site, are selling items or benefits, or have Google Analytics set up then you’re required to take certain legitimate measures to ensure the privileges of your site’s guests.

Final Words

So, This is the final information about how to start a blog. If you have some other opinion about it which I missed in this list then don’t forget to mention in the comment section.

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