Amazon A+ Content: A Complete Process and Guideline

Amazon- this name is growing like a fire in the town. In this time Amazon is one of the best and big portal in the country for online selling for all the seller including high, mid and low average selling. Amazon provides all the sellers a great experience of selling. This portal provides a various benefits to seller in which one of the A+ listing which is also known as EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). Most of the sellers don’t know how to create A+ listing and that increases your sale by 3% to 10%. A huge but not vast difference between A+ and EBC.

We did our 100% in this blog for your better understanding to know how to create A+ listing. But to understand  Amazon A+ listing process and guideline you kind notice in must needed toward this theory.


What is A+ Content-?

Amazon A+ content is one of the most effective and important ways to enhance your product content, boost conversion rates, and acquire higher ranking on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). With the help of A+ content, you can easily enhance your product descriptions, detail page with high definition videos, high-quality images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more. These details help to showcase your brand and convey the right message to buyer to get the perfect choice among the various options available on Amazon.

What A+ Content Included

Attractive product images & visuals, including 5 modules.

Comparison Chart, to get the customer difference between good and great.

Informative, and yet short introduction of the product. This could be within 100 words or less.

Short bullet points, where every line makes the best impact on the buyer and explains the feature and benefits of product.

What’s in the boxThis module will help you to list your entire product to aware buyer about your collection of other products.

Below is an example of A+ content 

What Is Premium or A++ Amazon  Content?

 Basic A+ Content is completely different from Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content. Whereas Basic A+ content is completely free but A++ content charges some cost by the Amazon. The latter is invite-only options that involve a fee and give a great and more templates selection, modules, such as interactive images, slider galleries, and video loops. While A++ content is a great option for high recognize a brand to boost their customer’s trust. Whether A+ or A++ both will work well for the majority of ASINs.

Eligibility-Criteria For A+ Content Creation

Amazon A+ is not available for all the sellers. A+ can be only created by the Brand Owners or Professional Owners (who are approved as Brand Owners via the ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program. Once you are approved by the Amazon side, you create EBC only to that items are a part of your approved brand catalog.

A+ OR EBC- Difference

Amazon A+ content is Vendor Central Program, which is invite-only. This feature allows the sellers to create pages with additional multimedia modules such as comparison charts, videos, testimonials, formatted text, etc.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is done by the third party on the seller central page. This is as same as A+ content on vendor central page. It is used when you take a services from third party to done your EBC.

There are two types of content you can create with your Amazon listings, as a seller:

Basic A+ content, where you can use 5 standard modules (free and available for every seller)

Premium A+ content, here Amazon provides access to 7 modules with a few other cool features (only for brand owners & professional sellers who are approved as brand owners).

Here you can choose between the Self Service Modules (includes Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), each with a fee).

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon Basic A+ content with five standard modules is free. But as said earlier, A+ can be only create by the Brand Owners or Professional Owners (who are approved as Brand Owners via the ABR (Amazon Brand Registry) program.

Amazon A+ is not the same as Premium A+ content, but there is the additional cost of creating the A++  content because it includes seven modules offer a cool and additional features modules which will help you to create your listing more attractive.

How to Create Amazon EBC Content

  1. The first step is going to seller central page on web.
2. Log into Seller Central and hover over the Advertising Menu then select A+Content  Manager”.
3. Next  Click on the Start Creating A+ Content
4. Here you can see easily about A+ content modules.

How to Create Amazon A+ Content

Here you can see step-by-step process that explains how to create an Amazon A+ content:

  1. First, log in to your Vendor Central accounts with the correct credentials.
  2. Next, go to the menu called Merchandising and click A+ Details Pages.
  3. Now,Upon doing last step, you will see two options:

(i). Self-service modules

(ii). Amazon builds for you

Amazon A+ Content Types Of Modules

You can choose one at a time. If you click “Self-service modules,” it redirects you to A+page where you Can create A+ via entering the ASIN that you want to create the content for. After that, you can choose modules as per your choice.


Once you enter the ASIN, you will be asked to choose a BUILD LAYOUT. Amazon provide you 12 types of modules.

Standard (10 options)

Advanced (2 options)

From these 12 modules a seller can use up to 5 modules

  1. Once you are done with modules selection,click the continue button. Upload the image and content. Click on the preview option so that you can see how your page looks like before approval.
  2. Now Click on the “add to cart” to see the pricing details. Finally, you can buy your A+ content.
  3. In caseIf you will choose “Amazon builds for you,” it automatically redirects you to a page where you don’t need to use more efforts just upload your text & images, and the rest of your job will be done by Amazon.
  4. Next Enter the correct and recognizable project name.
  5. Design layout and upload your content and image in the zip file.
  6. when you done from your side click the finish button.
  7. If everything will be ok you’re A+ will review and publish on Amazon Page in 7 business days.
  8. For one time A+ live on Amazon pageyou have to follow the A+ Guidelines other it will lead to rejection.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon set some guidelines towards A+ and you have to follow these guidelines to  publish you’re A+ on Amazon page. These guidelines is completely describe in our other blog you can take help from there where you can also learn how to create an A+ premium content. You can also download the pdf or adobe file from seller central or vendor central account and aware before creating an A+.

Benefits of A+

  • Amazon says that basic A+ or EBC can increase you sales or ROI up to 3% to 10%.
  • Enhanced your brand, description content.
  • Better and huge information for the buyers about your product can attract them to purchase your product.
  • Show high-quality images bring attractive imagination in the buyer’s mind.
  • High in conversion rates.

What should you do in creating A+ content

  1. Use unique content and images. Do not copy-paste the description or content.
  2. A description is always set as customer-friendly so that buyer can easily understand your product details.
  3. Use high-quality images in content.
  4. Keep your content precise and short.
  5. Combine images and text.
  6. Avoid Content Errors.
  7. Use banner wisely so that your A+ will look great.
  8. Try to keep it more visual and less textual.

Basic Thing you need to know before creating A+ content. (Amazon A+ Content Guidelines )

  • Do not use symbols or special characters like™ or ®.
  • Check grammatical errors before going ahead.
  • Do not give any contact number in the content.
  • Do not advertise your product like- it available on Flipkart or other portals
  • Do not mention any link or URL on-page for reference.
  • Do not mention any information about shipping.
  • There should be not any watermark in the images.
  • Do not mention any guarantee or warranties.
  • Do not use claims such as ‘’The Best’’.
  • Set your content in sentence case.
  • Always proofread your content before submitting it.


Creating A+ content for your product listings is one of the best way to boost your customers trust, increase their knowledge about product and drive sales up. Grab customer more attention towards your brand and connect them with your brand for future.

I hope this blog help you out to find the best you are looking for. In spite of it if you are facing any difficulty then you can take our services

for Amazon A+ listing and can increase your visibility on Amazon Page. For more detail of our services kindly contact us on.8750422220 or directly

visit our contact us page.

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How to Sell Product On Snapdeal – A Complete Guide

Selling online is much easier than before the selling process offline. In today’s time, every seller wants to sell their product online because selling products online conveys the message to your customers that you are dealing with the best advancement and also help to connect to the world and enhance their selling. We have so many portals in when we look forward to e-commerce business which provides a lot of amazing deals and extra benefits to the seller to motivate them to online selling on their platform. These platforms are Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more best platform for e-commerce business.

Is it a little complicated to sell on snapdeal?


It contains a Procedure

Not at all, you can sell easily on snapdeal. We will assist to know how to sell on snapdeal and increase your sale online. You need not do more activity just connect with us and read and follow our procedure give below with specific information.

We are sure that our blog surely helps to new sellers to create their account on snapdeal. In spite of this, you can also connect with Navus IT Services. We are the best service provider all over India and will surely help you on snapdeal portals from creating accounts until the great sell on snapdeal.

How to Sell On Snapdeal

A complete guide will help to know how to set up your account and can sell your product on snapdeal.

Get Prepare With Documents and Create Your Snapdeal Account


Pan Card

Pan Card is a mandatory document for all the sellers whether its individual, partnership or company. But where in OPC- one person company personal pan card is mandatory and in case of partnership or company a company or partnership pan card is needed to create an account.

GST Registration

To sell online all businesses selling goods on any e-commerce platform need to have a registered under GST irrespective of their turnover.

TO get the GST registration you need to prepare these documents

1 Canceled cheque of the bank account of the entity

Aadhaar card of the directors or the partners, as the case may be

PAN Card of the Company, LLP or the Individual

Bank Account Details

Snapdeal Seller Registration

You can start selling online to get through a simple registration process and happily it is completely freeOf cost.

Log on to the portal and start the process of registration before you can start selling items on snapdeal. There is no registration fee on snapdeal just fill out your details and submit the documents and the snapdeal will carry out verifications after you will be able to sell your product on snapdeal. For better assistance, you can take the help of our expert services here.

After successful registration, you can start listing your product. Listing is a vast process than everything because it shows your product to customers and makes able your product for sale.

Place Your Product With Description And High-Quality Images 

High-Quality Images 

High-quality images attract your customers to come and purchase your item. The customer is the person who judges your product on images, description so it should be in a better manner.

A different product image can enhance your selling and can maximize your chance of high selling. It helps customers also to understand better your product.


The description is always the king of your listing because it is the best term that presents your product. The product description is always should be engaging with customers and a complete guide that how your product can be beneficial for them.

Describe your product is a special term and enables your customer to know more about the feature of the product, quality of product and best use of the product. Always mentioned all the correction details and precautions of the product. This helps your buyers to choose the right product for him.

Adding Catalogue

Adding a catalog is best for your brand awareness. You can create a catalog with your entire product in the selected catalog. Catalog create your brand identity and describe your standard collection.

What Are Charges For Listing Of Your Product On Snapdeal?

Snapdeal does not charge anything for the listing process. Listing of products on is free. Snapdeal also does not charge for listing your catalog online. Once your sale will start you just have to pay a small amount of commission for the product(s) you sell.

Order Management & Shipping

When you upload right and effective product descriptions and images it will help you to generate an order of your products. After getting the order, you will get the notification and then the shipping agent will pick and drop your product to the customer. Snapdeal Plus provides the facility to hand over your all work of packaging and delivering the order to the customer.

Snapdeal Plus

Snapdeal Plus refers to a facility that provides services for storing, packing and dispatch of products. With snapdeal Plus you will be free by any worry about any damages of your products during exporting an also about packaging and storing. Snapdeal Plus ensures the best possible online shopping experience with premium same-day shipping and with guaranteed order delivery.

Easy Return or Replacement-

With sanpdeal it is completely easy to return or replacement products. Snapdeal provided full awareness towards their customer that is why we recommend the seller to sell online and describing here ‘’ How to Sell On Snadeal’’ because of most the brilliant sale seller not aware of this amazing platform. If you have any queries or any problems such as damages or break product received d then you can easily return or replace your product in case of wrong delivery.

Final Words

This is our complete guide that how to sell product on snapdeal. But we will recommend that if you are new to sell your product then try to hire an eCommerce listing company to make your business up.

If there are missing anything in this blog then mentioned in the comment box.

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How to sell products on Flipkart | A Complete Process

How to sell products on Amazon Successfully

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How to sell products on Flipkart | A Complete Process

Flipkart is the leading marketplace for selling online in India. Since its establishment, it is the fastest growing platform that has a great scope in dealing online for manufacturers, exporter and for offline dealers to get to know how to sell a product on Flipkart. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, Flipkart focuses on empowering sellers across India.

With more than 100 million registered users on Flipkart, it is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in India. Flipkart enables you to distribute your products to every corner in India. It even helps you package and warehouse your products for a small fee. It provides a lot of services and benefits for the seller easy selling at the online platform.

* How to Sell Product on Flipkart.

Follow these steps to become the Flipkart Seller

If you are a seller or dealer who wants to sell online on Flipkart so you just need to follow these given easy steps to become the Flipkart seller and increase your business from offline to online with high sales rapidly.

Register yourself at Flipkart-

The first step in the process of becoming a seller you have to just register yourself at Flipkart official site at You can do this by yourself or you can take services from any of the service providers who will help you to get in the registration.

For the registration, you have to submit some documents which is listed below.

When you deal as a Sole Proprietorship or an Individual

* PAN Card
* Passport
* Driving License
* Voters ID
* Any other photo identity card
* Letter from a recognized Public Authority

* Register with the statement of the bank account on Flipkart Payment Gateway.

Documents required to sell as a Private Limited Company

* Copy of Memorandum of Association
* Certificate Copy of Incorporation of Private Limited Company
* GST Registration Certificate ●
* Bank Account Statement
* Company PAN Card

Documents required to sell as a Partnership/LLP Firm:

* LLP Incorporation Certificate or Partnership registration
* Partnership deed
* PAN Card of the LLP or Partnership Firm
* LLP Established certificate
* Power of the authorized person’s attorney for the company.

Once you are done with the documents, visit the Flipkart Seller Registration Panel and follow these steps:

Register as a seller on Flipkart;-

Your Name, E-mail ID, Password, Mobile No. and get verified after entering the OTP received on your number.

Select the Pick-up location of your products.

Select your Primary Selling Category and submit.

Next, you will be asked to fill in the following details- Business Details, Bank Details, Store Details & Add Listings.

Brand Approval

Before to start your listing you have to take a Brand Approval for further process. Without having brand approval you cannot list your product on Flipkart. For brand approval, you need Trade Mark or Brand Authorization letter and GST number with the bank account.


After registering yourself successfully and a declaration from Flipkart side for your seller accounts you can go-ahead towards your selling.

Before Start Selling

When you give all the necessary documents and the documents have been checked, your dealer profile will be created. After finishing your seller profile, you can have the option to begin listing your items and begin selling.

How to list your products on Flipkart?

Now at this step, you need to list your product first for the selling on Flipkart- It includes some guidelines and terms that you have to follow for listing your products.

Listing is the thing that provides information about your products such as benefits, details of ingredients and price and about offer if any- to the customer.

Select Right Category

First of all, select the right category for your product so that your product will be appear with the right search keyword. Selecting the right category for your products will increase your chance of high selling.

Place Your Product With Title, Description And Bullet Points

Now you can place your product, add title, description and bullet points for better information and appearance of your product on-page. Flipkart has some guidelines about product title, description and bullet point so be aware regarding your product title and other things. Your product title is always a short description of your product. You should be ensuring that you create enticing product descriptions as they will help you sell because it presents your products.

 Add High-Quality Images and Videos

You can also upload the image of your product with the listing but keep in mind the image should be in high quality which enhances your product appearance and attracts new buyers more than another seller listing. A product video is the best thing to elaborate on your product and it also leaves a great impression on customers. Because video always encourages customers more than normal text.

Adding Flipkart Catalogue

Adding a Flipkart catalog is best for your brand awareness. You can create a catalog with your entire product in the selected catalog. Catalog create your brand identity and describe your standard collection.

What Are Charges For Listing Of Your Product On Flipkart?

Flipkart does not charge anything for the listing process. Listing of products on is free. Flipkart also does not charge for listing your catalog online. Once your sale will start ou just have to pay a small amount of commission for the product(s) you sell.

Dashboard – Where All The Product Are Managed

Once you become a Flipkart seller and listing of the product has been done and selling has been started on Flipkart. Flipkart provides you the dashboard to control all activities. Dashboard permits you to change all the details about your product such as description and bullet points and pricing etc.

Shipping And Logistics 

Start selling and Flipkart will provide you the shipping service and logistics support.  Flipkart has tie-ups with couriers that will pick up parcels and deliver it throughout India. When an order is received seller pack the product and maker as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Flipkart also provides packaging support and materials as well as training.

Shipping options

Flipkart made it required to deliver products through Flipkart logistics partners. Flipkart will deduct some sum amount as a shipping cost from the selling price before making the payment.

Get Payments Of Orders On Flipkart

You will receive payment of your product or payment will transfer in your account within seven working days of the sale taking place. Flipkart charges a small commission on each sale.

Seller Support

Flipkart seller support will provide you proper assistance regarding anything if you have any problem to sell on Flipkart. Flipkart seller support provides you the detail about selling on Flipkart ahead as we are providing you the detail about how to sell product on Flipkart and this makes Flipkart seller more satisfied and Flipkart the most trustworthy platform for online selling.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is an e-commerce company situated in Bengaluru (India) was established in 2007 by Sachin and Binny Bansal. The organization initially focused on book sales, before growing to other product categories such as consumer electronics, design, household essentials and groceries, and lifestyle products.


Final words

This the complete process of how to sell a product on Flipkart. If you will follow these steps then it will be easy for you. But I will recommend that if you are new in this field and wants to place your product on Flipkart store then you should hire a product listing company So that you can get a proper result in your sales.

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How to sell products on Amazon Successfully

Amazon is a very big platform to sell products successfully. If you are a seller and want to sell your products successfully then amazon is the best and trusted platform for you. There are lots of E-commerce stores in the market but you can sell products on amazon with closed eyes. Amazon is one of the best online store which is growing day by day and making their services better and transparent.

This is not very difficult to sell products on amazon. But there are some steps to follow to sell products and if you have any products and services and you want to sell them on amazon then there are simple steps are stated below:


Requirements of Documents:-

1. Pan Card (Individual or Company)

2. GST Number

3. Bank Account (Saving or Current)

4. Your E-mail ID

5. Mobile Number

Step 1:- The very first step is to become an Amazon seller and for that, you have to need your tax information and your one active Bank account.

Step 2:- The 2nd step is listing your products on Amazon. By doing so you can reach millions of relevant customers every day. You can also promote your products with a sponsored advertisement on Amazon’s target customers relevant to you. But we will recommend you hire an E-commerce product listing agency for this because an agency can help you to get customers to your products.

Step 3:- When anyone orders your product, Amazon will notify you via E-mail and there will also be a notification on your Amazon dashboard. If you need “Fulfilment by Amazon”, Amazon will deal on storage, picking, packing, and shipping as well as client requests. So, you can make a complete agreement on this with amazon.

Step 4:- The 4th step includes receiving the payment for your sale. An amount will deduct from the payment as the Amazon seller fees. The payment will be deposited into your bank after every 14 days sell of that product and You can view your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Central account.

About Amazon:-

Amazon is the most trusted and reliable company in the world in the E-commerce sector. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Washington. In a very short time, amazon becomes the most successful name in the market. As per the Forbes report, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person of the universe. that’s the reason that you can trust on amazon services.

Why Amazon:-

There are lots of E-commerce stores in the market but the brand value of Amazon is unique. If any customer going to purchase anything online then the first name came in his mind will be amazon. This is the reason that with the help of amazon you can boost your product and services sell.

How Much Can You Earn Selling On Amazon?

This is totally up to you that how much you want to earn and what’s your goals here. But yes, it’s true that most people ask how much we can earn before starting a business with Amazon.

The answer of this question is totally different because there are people who make next to nothing and there are some who make 7+ figures in profit.

To give you a perfect idea of what is possible and when you sell on Amazon, we will share our thought’s that earning a comfortable living is well within the capabilities of the majority of people who invest the time needed to build a successful business.

How much money do you need to start selling on Amazon?

An inquiry that goes connected at the hip with the first we talked about (what amount would you be able to win) is ‘how a lot of cash do I have to begin selling on Amazon’.

You can begin selling on Amazon with whatever sum you can bear to contribute – regardless of whether that sum is under $100. Utilizing retail exchange as your start sourcing methodology enables you to begin with even only 1 or 2 items that you source from neighbourhood stores, and as long as you constantly reinvest 100% of the benefits at an early stage, you can transform that little begin a full-size business.

So, there is an explanation we said that you can begin with “whatever sum you can bear to contribute”. The more capital you have, the more stock you can stand to purchase. More stock methods increasingly potential deals, and progressively potential deals implies progressively potential benefit.

You ought not to utilize influence (obligation) so as to begin greater than you can really stand to do. Regardless of whether you don’t have a dime, you are in an ideal situation taking on the flipping challenge and utilizing that as your beginning capital. The thought behind the flipping challenge is to begin with $0 and 5 things you pick from things you effectively claim, at that point transform those 5 things into $1000+ inside 90 days. You can peruse a recap of one of my colleague’s fruitful flipping challenge here.

So not having cash shouldn’t keep you from the beginning. Beginning with a few hundred dollars for stock and $39.99 to put resources into an expert merchants account (more on this underneath) would be far superior, yet beginning presently is obviously superior to pausing!

Selling on Amazon for Beginners (How Amazon Works)


Before we jump into how to set up your record and how to discover items, how about we pause for a moment to go over how Amazon functions.

This is what an item recorded on Amazon resembles. We’ve added a few bolts to cause you to notice a few subtleties that you might not have given a lot of consideration to as a purchaser:

Screen capture of Catan Sold By outsider On Amazon

(Note: Click on the picture to extend for a superior view.)

There are a couple of essential things in this screen capture:

1. The bolt and underlined name in the focal point of the screen capture is an “outsider Seller” on Amazon. On the off chance that you start selling on Amazon, you will likewise be delegated an outsider merchant. They are in what is known as the “Purchase Box.” What this implies is that when a purchaser taps the “add to truck” button” it will be this present merchant’s thing that is added to the truck to buy. For this situation, the vender in the Buy Box is ROLANDA.

2. The vender that is in the purchase box has their posting “Satisfied by Amazon.” This implies Amazon will deal with delivery this thing to the client. We’ll dive into more subtleties on what Fulfillment by Amazon implies in no time.

3. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see that there is an area with “Different Sellers on Amazon.” This segment additionally shows outsider vendors on Amazon, in any case, these merchants aren’t in the “purchase box.”

4. You may see that “” isn’t recorded as a merchant in either the purchase box or different dealer areas. On numerous items, you will see recorded as a dealer of the item you are taking a gander at. As a rule, outsider dealers see better deals on their items when isn’t a vender on a similar thing.

At the point when you sell on Amazon, your thing will be shown in either the purchase enclose or different vendors area of the Amazon item detail page.

For the most part, there are just 3 unique merchants appeared in different dealers area on the principle item detail page. In the event that there are in excess of 3 different merchants, which is normal, at that point the purchaser should snap to see the entirety of the accessible ideas to see each vendor who is on the posting.

It’s likewise imperative to take note of that all dealers for a similar thing show on a similar item page. On the off chance that you’ve sold on eBay before, at that point, this will be somewhat of a change. When selling on Amazon, you can include your item offering a similar item detail page as different venders. On eBay, you need to make your very own posting.

On account of the Catan prepackaged game above, there are 81 complete dealers that have this thing available to be purchased at the hour of the screen capture. The purchase box dealer and different merchants area are the main vendors who are included at the present time.

Getting the purchase box is a key piece of seeing accomplishment on Amazon. The careful calculation isn’t known, yet 3 of the top elements you can control are your value, your criticism rating, and your satisfaction technique.

The satisfaction technique is significant for amplifying your outcomes on Amazon. Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon as your satisfaction technique will be perhaps the best thing you can do to produce deals when selling on Amazon.


This is a complete process of how to sell products on amazon successfully. If you want to know more about this then you can directly reach to any agency that is working on this field properly. it can help you a lot in your product listing and sell. 

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