Make your ads visible to the right customer.
Easy to use campaign creation module and Real time tracking of campaign metric.
There are two ways in which a customer can search for their desired product on Flipkart. They can either directly type in the product name or they can search by the category to which the product belongs. Listing Ads are served along with the search results. A PLA looks exactly like any other result except for the addition of a subtle call out that indicates that it is an ad. This is done with the intention of providing an unobtrusive experience to the customer. The ad appears seamlessly and is controlled by the relevance of the search itself.

Higher discoverability

Your products are shown to the relevant customers and are given higher visibility on the Flipkart Mobile App

Acquiring New Customers

Interested potential customers view your products when you advertise with PLA

Increased sales

Better visibility and 'Buy Now' button give you higher sales opportunities
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