We are one of the leading Flipkart service providers in Product Listing (PLA) optimization. We have well trained and qualified team for Flipkart service and Product Listing (PLA) optimization. Along with it, we are Google Certified Partner.

At present, More than 80 sellers availing the service and also have seen 164% increase in sales and 35% savings in advertising cost. Not only this, the sellers have seen an average +165% increases in impressions and +125% increases in clicks with our services.

We are the dynamic Flipkart service company in Delhi NCR, having strong work ethic and commitment towards work & results. We are offering varied services across the spectrum of digital marketing and e-commerce India. Most importantly, we believe in developing long-term associations and work customer satisfaction.

Flipkart Catalogue Services
Enriching catalogues that customers love, Digital photo image helps generate more sales, Truly a platform for graphic user interface, Important information through pictorials, Easy to remember and incorporate interaction, Our catalog building services give prolific results, We give elaborate product detailing through powerful cataloging, For informative ideas, our catalogs do it all, Get the best of promotion with our creative catalog makeup

How Flipkart Marketplace Works?

In this process, once a seller is approved with the quality parameters and terms and conditions of Flipkart Marketplace, a seller can list their own products or even they can choose from the list of products that Flipkart already has. But they need to choose their own pricing and shipping details and offers to attract the buyers. Hence, it requires approval from Flipkart’s then products will show on the site. Meanwhile, Flipkart also has their logistics in place. The best part about it, Every sellers can take advantage of their logistics. After completing the sale process, Flipkart will transfer the money to seller’s accounts on the periodic basis. Most importantly, the Flipkart also offers such as cash on Delivery and EMI options that extended to the sellers.
Enhance your Products Visibility With Our Services
Our Motive is to assist our clients with a combination of best techniques to drive visibility and sales better than other sales channel. Our Flipkart Expert team aims to guide the sellers and provides custom based solutions to achieve successful results among the top sales channels. Let’s have a look at our service benefits.

Increased Discovery

We gets your products noticed amidst the huge selection available on Flipkart.

Increased Sales

With increased discoverability, our service leads to the higher sales targeting customers.

Increase Online Presence

We can list your products in an appropriate manner with fulfilling all basic rules and guidelines of Flipkart.

Customer Service

Our Expert team can facilitate you by solving faster queries.
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