How to Sell Product On Snapdeal – A Complete Guide

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Selling online is much easier than before the selling process offline. In today’s time, every seller wants to sell their product online because selling products online conveys the message to your customers that you are dealing with the best advancement and also help to connect to the world and enhance their selling. We have so many portals in when we look forward to e-commerce business which provides a lot of amazing deals and extra benefits to the seller to motivate them to online selling on their platform. These platforms are Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more best platform for e-commerce business.

Is it a little complicated to sell on snapdeal?


It contains a Procedure

Not at all, you can sell easily on snapdeal. We will assist to know how to sell on snapdeal and increase your sale online. You need not do more activity just connect with us and read and follow our procedure give below with specific information.

We are sure that our blog surely helps to new sellers to create their account on snapdeal. In spite of this, you can also connect with Navus IT Services. We are the best service provider all over India and will surely help you on snapdeal portals from creating accounts until the great sell on snapdeal.

How to Sell On Snapdeal

A complete guide will help to know how to set up your account and can sell your product on snapdeal.

Get Prepare With Documents and Create Your Snapdeal Account


Pan Card

Pan Card is a mandatory document for all the sellers whether its individual, partnership or company. But where in OPC- one person company personal pan card is mandatory and in case of partnership or company a company or partnership pan card is needed to create an account.

GST Registration

To sell online all businesses selling goods on any e-commerce platform need to have a registered under GST irrespective of their turnover.

TO get the GST registration you need to prepare these documents

1 Canceled cheque of the bank account of the entity

Aadhaar card of the directors or the partners, as the case may be

PAN Card of the Company, LLP or the Individual

Bank Account Details

Snapdeal Seller Registration

You can start selling online to get through a simple registration process and happily it is completely freeOf cost.

Log on to the portal and start the process of registration before you can start selling items on snapdeal. There is no registration fee on snapdeal just fill out your details and submit the documents and the snapdeal will carry out verifications after you will be able to sell your product on snapdeal. For better assistance, you can take the help of our expert services here.

After successful registration, you can start listing your product. Listing is a vast process than everything because it shows your product to customers and makes able your product for sale.

Place Your Product With Description And High-Quality Images 

High-Quality Images 

High-quality images attract your customers to come and purchase your item. The customer is the person who judges your product on images, description so it should be in a better manner.

A different product image can enhance your selling and can maximize your chance of high selling. It helps customers also to understand better your product.


The description is always the king of your listing because it is the best term that presents your product. The product description is always should be engaging with customers and a complete guide that how your product can be beneficial for them.

Describe your product is a special term and enables your customer to know more about the feature of the product, quality of product and best use of the product. Always mentioned all the correction details and precautions of the product. This helps your buyers to choose the right product for him.

Adding Catalogue

Adding a catalog is best for your brand awareness. You can create a catalog with your entire product in the selected catalog. Catalog create your brand identity and describe your standard collection.

What Are Charges For Listing Of Your Product On Snapdeal?

Snapdeal does not charge anything for the listing process. Listing of products on is free. Snapdeal also does not charge for listing your catalog online. Once your sale will start you just have to pay a small amount of commission for the product(s) you sell.

Order Management & Shipping

When you upload right and effective product descriptions and images it will help you to generate an order of your products. After getting the order, you will get the notification and then the shipping agent will pick and drop your product to the customer. Snapdeal Plus provides the facility to hand over your all work of packaging and delivering the order to the customer.

Snapdeal Plus

Snapdeal Plus refers to a facility that provides services for storing, packing and dispatch of products. With snapdeal Plus you will be free by any worry about any damages of your products during exporting an also about packaging and storing. Snapdeal Plus ensures the best possible online shopping experience with premium same-day shipping and with guaranteed order delivery.

Easy Return or Replacement-

With sanpdeal it is completely easy to return or replacement products. Snapdeal provided full awareness towards their customer that is why we recommend the seller to sell online and describing here ‘’ How to Sell On Snadeal’’ because of most the brilliant sale seller not aware of this amazing platform. If you have any queries or any problems such as damages or break product received d then you can easily return or replace your product in case of wrong delivery.

Final Words

This is our complete guide that how to sell product on snapdeal. But we will recommend that if you are new to sell your product then try to hire an eCommerce listing company to make your business up.

If there are missing anything in this blog then mentioned in the comment box.

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