How to sell products on Amazon Successfully

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Amazon is a very big platform to sell products successfully. If you are a seller and want to sell your products successfully then amazon is the best and trusted platform for you. There are lots of E-commerce stores in the market but you can sell products on amazon with closed eyes. Amazon is one of the best online store which is growing day by day and making their services better and transparent.

This is not very difficult to sell products on amazon. But there are some steps to follow to sell products and if you have any products and services and you want to sell them on amazon then there are simple steps are stated below:


Requirements of Documents:-

1. Pan Card (Individual or Company)

2. GST Number

3. Bank Account (Saving or Current)

4. Your E-mail ID

5. Mobile Number

Step 1:- The very first step is to become an Amazon seller and for that, you have to need your tax information and your one active Bank account.

Step 2:- The 2nd step is listing your products on Amazon. By doing so you can reach millions of relevant customers every day. You can also promote your products with a sponsored advertisement on Amazon’s target customers relevant to you. But we will recommend you hire an E-commerce product listing agency for this because an agency can help you to get customers to your products.

Step 3:- When anyone orders your product, Amazon will notify you via E-mail and there will also be a notification on your Amazon dashboard. If you need “Fulfilment by Amazon”, Amazon will deal on storage, picking, packing, and shipping as well as client requests. So, you can make a complete agreement on this with amazon.

Step 4:- The 4th step includes receiving the payment for your sale. An amount will deduct from the payment as the Amazon seller fees. The payment will be deposited into your bank after every 14 days sell of that product and You can view your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Central account.

About Amazon:-

Amazon is the most trusted and reliable company in the world in the E-commerce sector. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in Washington. In a very short time, amazon becomes the most successful name in the market. As per the Forbes report, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person of the universe. that’s the reason that you can trust on amazon services.

Why Amazon:-

There are lots of E-commerce stores in the market but the brand value of Amazon is unique. If any customer going to purchase anything online then the first name came in his mind will be amazon. This is the reason that with the help of amazon you can boost your product and services sell.

How Much Can You Earn Selling On Amazon?

This is totally up to you that how much you want to earn and what’s your goals here. But yes, it’s true that most people ask how much we can earn before starting a business with Amazon.

The answer of this question is totally different because there are people who make next to nothing and there are some who make 7+ figures in profit.

To give you a perfect idea of what is possible and when you sell on Amazon, we will share our thought’s that earning a comfortable living is well within the capabilities of the majority of people who invest the time needed to build a successful business.

How much money do you need to start selling on Amazon?

An inquiry that goes connected at the hip with the first we talked about (what amount would you be able to win) is ‘how a lot of cash do I have to begin selling on Amazon’.

You can begin selling on Amazon with whatever sum you can bear to contribute – regardless of whether that sum is under $100. Utilizing retail exchange as your start sourcing methodology enables you to begin with even only 1 or 2 items that you source from neighbourhood stores, and as long as you constantly reinvest 100% of the benefits at an early stage, you can transform that little begin a full-size business.

So, there is an explanation we said that you can begin with “whatever sum you can bear to contribute”. The more capital you have, the more stock you can stand to purchase. More stock methods increasingly potential deals, and progressively potential deals implies progressively potential benefit.

You ought not to utilize influence (obligation) so as to begin greater than you can really stand to do. Regardless of whether you don’t have a dime, you are in an ideal situation taking on the flipping challenge and utilizing that as your beginning capital. The thought behind the flipping challenge is to begin with $0 and 5 things you pick from things you effectively claim, at that point transform those 5 things into $1000+ inside 90 days. You can peruse a recap of one of my colleague’s fruitful flipping challenge here.

So not having cash shouldn’t keep you from the beginning. Beginning with a few hundred dollars for stock and $39.99 to put resources into an expert merchants account (more on this underneath) would be far superior, yet beginning presently is obviously superior to pausing!

Selling on Amazon for Beginners (How Amazon Works)


Before we jump into how to set up your record and how to discover items, how about we pause for a moment to go over how Amazon functions.

This is what an item recorded on Amazon resembles. We’ve added a few bolts to cause you to notice a few subtleties that you might not have given a lot of consideration to as a purchaser:

Screen capture of Catan Sold By outsider On Amazon

(Note: Click on the picture to extend for a superior view.)

There are a couple of essential things in this screen capture:

1. The bolt and underlined name in the focal point of the screen capture is an “outsider Seller” on Amazon. On the off chance that you start selling on Amazon, you will likewise be delegated an outsider merchant. They are in what is known as the “Purchase Box.” What this implies is that when a purchaser taps the “add to truck” button” it will be this present merchant’s thing that is added to the truck to buy. For this situation, the vender in the Buy Box is ROLANDA.

2. The vender that is in the purchase box has their posting “Satisfied by Amazon.” This implies Amazon will deal with delivery this thing to the client. We’ll dive into more subtleties on what Fulfillment by Amazon implies in no time.

3. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see that there is an area with “Different Sellers on Amazon.” This segment additionally shows outsider vendors on Amazon, in any case, these merchants aren’t in the “purchase box.”

4. You may see that “” isn’t recorded as a merchant in either the purchase box or different dealer areas. On numerous items, you will see recorded as a dealer of the item you are taking a gander at. As a rule, outsider dealers see better deals on their items when isn’t a vender on a similar thing.

At the point when you sell on Amazon, your thing will be shown in either the purchase enclose or different vendors area of the Amazon item detail page.

For the most part, there are just 3 unique merchants appeared in different dealers area on the principle item detail page. In the event that there are in excess of 3 different merchants, which is normal, at that point the purchaser should snap to see the entirety of the accessible ideas to see each vendor who is on the posting.

It’s likewise imperative to take note of that all dealers for a similar thing show on a similar item page. On the off chance that you’ve sold on eBay before, at that point, this will be somewhat of a change. When selling on Amazon, you can include your item offering a similar item detail page as different venders. On eBay, you need to make your very own posting.

On account of the Catan prepackaged game above, there are 81 complete dealers that have this thing available to be purchased at the hour of the screen capture. The purchase box dealer and different merchants area are the main vendors who are included at the present time.

Getting the purchase box is a key piece of seeing accomplishment on Amazon. The careful calculation isn’t known, yet 3 of the top elements you can control are your value, your criticism rating, and your satisfaction technique.

The satisfaction technique is significant for amplifying your outcomes on Amazon. Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon as your satisfaction technique will be perhaps the best thing you can do to produce deals when selling on Amazon.


This is a complete process of how to sell products on amazon successfully. If you want to know more about this then you can directly reach to any agency that is working on this field properly. it can help you a lot in your product listing and sell. 

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