What is Shopify?

  Shopify offers consistent growth to customise your website and to sell and market your products with the most effective managing tools.

  This platform comprises over 500,000 businesses which are being effectively run in 175 countries.

  Shopify offers a dozen of features to help you with your business to handle sales, marketing, and payments.

  It’s also one of the most user-friendly solution packed with features to effectively handle merchants, suppliers and customers.

What makes it unique?

  Its the third top e-commerce platform with a remarkable market share 20%. 

  427,676 websites and 5300+businesses prefer Shopify to other e-commerce platforms. 

  Shopify includes built-in marketing tools which lowers the regular marketing cost. 

  Shopify ensures 24/7 technical and customer support.

  Integrated with plenty of payment gateways with low or no transaction fees.

Why Shopify?

  Shopify has 218 million buyers.

  The average visitor spends almost 4 minutes on Shopify.

  Merchants have spent $100 million in the Shopify App Store.

  Shopify’s paying customers grew 55% from the previous year.

  More than 7000 businesses use Shopify Plus.

  Shopify provides free trial services for 14-days.  

Why to choose Navus?

  Navus IT Services is one of India’s leading Digital Marketing Company with its roots deep into the city of Faridabad. 

  We acquire experience in developing and executing successful e-commerce programs for businesses and startups all across India.

  Our team of ethical experts can help you in supporting, branding and marketing your e-commerce business.

  From setting up the technical habitat to redesigning your homepage brand, we are here to help you meet all your Shopify needs.

  Whether you are new to Shopify or have been selling for years, we are equipped to handle and nourish your business to its fullest.

  We can help you understand, work and grow at Shopify with complete transparency and zero dissenting.

  Besides traditional Social Media Marketing, we also provide Content Marketing, SEO and Web Designing services along with others. 

Services at Navus!
  Website Designing
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  Amazon Listing 
  Amazon Brand Store
  Google Ad Words 
  Email Marketing
  Content Marketing 
  Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  Social Media Marketing
The best way to find out if a marketing company can help you grow your business is by looking at the results they have generated for themselves.
Every business needs an ethical marketing team for their business enhancement.
And Navus IT Services is exactly the right place for all that.
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