Snapdeal Services
Snapdeal Catalog Search API can be used to identify the existing product that you want to sell on Snapdeal.
If you wish to benefit by becoming a seller on the Snapdeal platform, you need to register and then set up your online storefront. It is easy to register if you already have a running business but the tough part for most retailers is handling the online display of products. This is where Navus IT Services, the top Snapdeal Catalogue Service in India, comes to your aid and helps you set up shop as well as gain high traffic in a short time to boost revenues through the platform.
How it is simple to sell on Snapdeal

Step 1

Register yourself and List your products

Step 2

Get support from professional service provider(Navus IT Services)

Step 3

Receive orders & Schedule a pickup

Step 4

Receive quick payment & grow your business
Snapdeal Service Partner

Snapdeal PLA

Selling goods online today is much easier than it was ever before. There are multiple e-commerce platforms that let you go online and exhibit your products to potential buyers even without having to have a shop. Snapdeal is one such platform.
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Snapdeal Listing

Listing is the process of uploading product/catalogue details to Snapdeal. A seller’s product will be visible to buyers only once listing process is completed for that product by that seller.
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